Three Electrical Products That Would Never Pass Compliance

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Because of the inherent dangers of electricity, every product powered by the mains or using a battery must pass stringent electrical testing requirements to be sold.

For the most part, this means that most electrical devices when used properly and not tampered with are safe to use, however in some cases an electrical product is so inherently dangerous it is a wonder that it passed any safety checks at all.

Here are three examples of electrical products that would never pass modern compliance checks.

Male-Male Extension Leads

Every year, typically around Christmas, people tend to struggle with Christmas lights, often requesting a plug with two male ends to help complete certain circuits.

It does not take much electrical knowledge to understand just how inherently dangerous it is, and often when the discussion begins, someone posts a warning similar to this one that emphasises that male-male electrical leads should not exist.

They lead to electrical fires and potential death by electrocution, and no sensible electrician would ever allow them to be made.

Power Mite Toys

The Easy-Bake Oven is a long-running line of electrical oven toys that children could use to actually bake biscuits and cakes with, but because of the heat involved led to several recalls when it was found that children could get their fingers stuck and badly burn them.

Whilst this is bad, the Power Mite collection of miniature power tools is somehow even worse, as these miniature saws, drills and other tools were powerful enough to cut through balsa wood and styrofoam, as well as presumably little fingers if they weren’t careful.

Self-Balancing Board

Often erroneously called “hoverboards”, self-balancing scooters were at one point a highly popular gift, despite being illegal to use outside of private property.

However, what makes them fit here is the often-dangerous batteries they used that could overheat and even catch fire when left to charge for too long, causing tragic and unnecessary deaths in the process.

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