Biggest Home Renovation Jobs Revealed

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Whether you have lived in your house for years or have only just moved in, you might be planning to renovate your home. However, turning your residence upside down for a few weeks or months can be daunting, especially if you are embarking on some of the biggest renovation projects out there. 

Electrical rewiring

Rewiring your entire house is typically a job that lots of homeowners fear having done, as it involves removing the wiring out of every room and replacing it. This will make the whole house safer to run, and is well worth the disruption. 

Despite its reputation, electrical rewiring typically only takes a few days, unlike many other renovation jobs. While your rooms will be disturbed, the mess tends to be minimal. What’s more, lots of people typically have their home rewired in the middle of redecorating projects, so any additional dust is hardly noticeable. 

As professionals need to lift floorboards or look behind walls, it is a good idea to have it done while other work is being carried out. Alternatively, it is recommended to rewire your house every 25 years or if you’re encountering electrical shocks, flickering lights or damaged power sockets. 

Demolition work  

According to a survey by CraftJack, the hardest home improvement job is demolition work. Not only is it physically demanding but it can cause homeowners a lot of anxiety when they see walls being smashed through, even if it is to create a bigger living space or to improve the layout of their house in the long-run. 


Although you are likely to leave bricklaying to the professionals, it is still a pretty scary job to watch, as you need the brickwork to be spot on to ensure your walls remain watertight and safe. 

Family Handy Man revealed it is one of the scariest home improvement jobs, as it is laborious, and requires attention to detail and accuracy, as well as endurance. 

“Working outdoors with heavy and sharp-edged stone and brick, masons suffer higher injury and illness rates than industry averages,” a US News and World Report stated.

New kitchen

Most people find getting a new kitchen fitted exciting. However, actually having the building work done is another matter, with lots of homeowners dreading the moment they have to pack up their cooking and eating space for weeks, or months on end. 

Nearly half of those surveyed (45 per cent) by Rated People said kitchen installation was extremely daunting and stressful, as a result of spiralling costs, disruption to daily lives, and the constant mess. 

Installing a new kitchen can take as little as a week for a small home. However, a large house that is also having an extension built could result in many months of disruptions, which means having to do washing up in the bath and cook in the microwave for a very long time. 

Bathroom installation 

Having a new bathroom fitted was also found to be stressful, with 40 per cent of homeowners saying the process is daunting. Similarly, this is likely to do with the disruption caused by losing a toilet, shower and bath for a few days or weeks. 

If you have another bathroom you can use, this makes the project easier to handle. Otherwise, you might need to move out while the work is being done to make sure you can still stay clean! 

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