Are Blackouts On The Cards This Winter?

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Homeowners might have to get used to seeing by candlelight and wrapping up in blankets this winter, after the National Grid warned that blackouts could be imposed

Concerned about gas supplies from Europe, head of the organisation John Pettigrew was reported as saying electricity and gas may be turned off during those “deepest, darkest evenings in January and February”. 

He spoke at the Financial Times’ Energy Transition Summit recently, saying the UK typically relies on European energy during the coldest months. However, Europe is struggling to source enough electricity and gas, due to being cut off from Russia.

Therefore, the National Grid is preparing for the worst-case scenario during the late winter months when UK supplies are likely to be at their lowest. 

In these cases, power could be cut off for up to three hours during peak times, between 1600 and 1900 on weekdays. 

Nobody wants to spend these cold winter nights without heat or light, which is why the National Grid is doing a “huge amount of work” together with energy suppliers, Ofgem and officials to protect the most vulnerable households at least. 

Ofgem’s chief executive officer Jonathan Brearley told Energy UK’s recent conference that the public should be reducing the amount of energy they use to avoid running out of fuel. 

He stated: “This is not only the most direct way to reduce our bills – it helps with security of supply, contributes to decarbonisation and saves money for public finances.”

Mr Brearley suggested only putting the heating on when needed; switching off devices; and turning the lights off when not in the room. 

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