What Is An EICR Test?

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One of the first things homeowners or landlords should consider when getting keys to a new property is booking an EICR test, but what exactly is this and what does it involve?

What does EICR stand for?

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Reports, which means an inspection takes place to see if there are any electrical problems within the premises. This may include issues with appliances, fuse boxes, wires, and cables.

What happens during an EICR?

An electrician inspects the home and provides a professional assessment of all the electrical systems. They then produce a formal document to confirm all the electrics within the property are properly installed and well maintained.

Anything that is not can be repaired and restored to full working order.

Do I need one?

Buy-to-let property owners need to provide an EICR for their rental properties, as this ensures they are up to safety standards. The council might ask to see the certificate, in which case they have to give them a copy within a week of receiving this request.

Homeowners should also have one, particularly if they are moving in to a house or flat and want to check the condition of the electrics. An EICR will let them know if the current installations are safe or if there are signs of damage.

It will also identify which appliances may need replacing or repairing, which parts of the electrical system do not meet safety regulations and records the current state of the electrics for future notes.

Are you looking for electrical testing in Manchester? Call us today and we can give you more advice and information about booking an EICR.

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